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Default Monthly DOA4 Tournaments[NinjaCW]

Going to enter this doa4 online tournament.. seems like it'll be really competitive..

Ok this was posted in Hype and Aftermath but this is the official sign up. Was gonna be a regional tournament but because players are so spread out the numbers wouldn't be worth it. We will just go with the community as a whole.

Large Life
60 seconds
3 Rounds
Random Stage *Danger Zones on* No Experimental Playground and if Cheetah Stage or Gambler Paradise comes up go back and turn off Dangerzones (unless of course you don't mind it)
No Banned Characters

More than 30 contenders - Single Elimination
3/5 matches till final 8 then it will run as a Double Elimination tourney. I'll post the reason after I finish editing this.

Less than 30 contenders - Double Elimination
3/5 matches all the way through till Grand Finals then it will be 4/7 matches.

If you and a person is having lag issues contact me immediately and we will work it out but don't wait forever.

The date shall be January 12th @ 8pm EST.

Any suggestions or discussion is tolerated here because for the game to move forward we need to at the very least "act" interested.

Sign ups are here as well and I will update post with whomever is playing.

1. PMS Amaya Chan
2. Aknon
3. Trollan ZERO
4. Viper Excess
5. Phoenix212
6. Evil
7. Xdest
8. Raansu
9. Evil Santa Clauz
10. StevOmaru
11. Chewy
12. Majin Kimimaro
13. Divine Plauge
15. TCSDUOixaioi
16. EscapingJail iP
17. Vash
18. Dante DMC3
19. Cigar
20. Belle
21. Tidal Leaf
22. Xx Osg V3GA xX
23. Bushido XX
24. Nashias
25. Hontaiyo
26. Accurate
27. xcyph3rx
28. Lightning oo
29. VirtuaPai
30. AgileNinjaQ
31. o Newborn o
32. Filipin0man
33. r0ckurw0rld
34. Dragon6Echo
35. Joltage
36. Satisfaktion
37. Dark Assasin7
38. Afro Nykko
39. Killab2oo5
40. Game Over
41. Und34D Zealot
42. CallMe Snuggles
43. PlatinumXNinja
44. GunzHybrid

Signups end.. This thursday.

Scarface.. I know you have this game.. You too Takahashi.. you guys should give it a try.. here's the thread.. I just signed up today.. but NinjaCW didn't see my post yet.

I want to fight..
Majin Kimimaro
XDest..... I want to see if I can... comprehend there power level...

I'll probly be destroyed by them.. but whatever..

I think the first round begins the 12th of this month.. it'll be so fun. >.<

Also.. here are the only tournament I entered..

A random tournament... characters were random.. so yeah..
Black Mamba got in first.. swirly knows who that guy is.. aka Lajin Da Great.

So.. I'm going to do my best.. to show people on fighting games.. Racing isn't the only thing we can do.. lawl!
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Old 01-08-2008
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Isn't Black Mamba #1? Or he was or something...
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