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TB InuYasha X
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Default Forza 2 Drifting BlackList Tournament

Thread to the signups.

Ok. so i was watching a film called The Number 23. Freaky Consipiricy but. GREAT movie. and makes me think about my past.

1 Thing it made me think about was Need For Speed Most Wanted and a few days ago i was over my mates and i was playing NFS Most Wanted. What i was reminded of was the whole Blacklist idea. Now. i was thinking about encorperating this into Forza 2. Racing side of the Blacklist could be run by someone else. but. if i got the help behind me with this BIG Blacklist for the Drifting side of things. well. you never know how many new people you would get coming to the whole New drifting scene.

So. what i was thinking was Copying and Pasting this to the Forum as well to be able to get the drifters from over on that forum as well. So it would encorperate most of the drifting community.

So Heres my plan. i stay and monitor 'The Blacklist Of Drifters' With the help of others to Help set it up of course. And Honesty is a Major Issue here.

I am planning to host the biggest drifting tournament of all time. Buyin is only 20,000 and the winner gets the prize money Depending on the money raised from how many join. But. for rought Estimates of 20,000 Per person. at a guess of 500 it equals to 10,000,000 million. i know. that doesnt sound much. but. The Top either 15 - 30 Players that reach these spots will have earned a spot on the Blacklist.

Ahead of the 10,000,000 and the Spot on the black list for the person that finishes 1st You will also be known over on the Forza Motorsport Drift Forum as well as here. so. you will not just get challenged from The people over here but will also be challenged from Drifters over on

To be Qualified for the List you need to have at least 1 win. Its not hard to get. but you need at least 1 win. i imagine there will be alot of people that will go for this idea as it will get your Gamertagg known to many many people and will get you alot more battles.

If you Like this idea as well as want to sign up for the Blacklist please Post in this topic and this topic only * as to keep this Forum clear for easier Moderating Purposes (Thinkin of the Moderators here) and to keep this pretty much quiet as for now untill its known amongest alot of people * Please only post Your Comment as well as Your Application * please read below for more info * in a Post here. If you have more to discuss and dont want others to know please Private Message me or Email me at * If you Email please Make the topic 'In Regards to The Blacklist of Drifters' as it will make it easier to see amongest my other emails * If you have more to discuss and you think others might either want to know or may be able to help please post in a new post Away from your Comment and Application.

Application For Joining the Blacklist Tournament:

Gamertagg :

Real Name : * First Names Only please *

Age :

Wins / Losses : /

Location (Time Zone) : ( )

Blacklist Number Prefered : *if you have a preference Place on the Blacklist will stay the same as in if you want number 78 And you win the tournament you will get First place On the Blacklist but your Number will be 78 *

A Example of an Application :

Gamertagg : Damob99

Real Name : Damien

Age : 18

Wins / Losses : 0/2

Location (Time Zone) : Australia ( Australian Central Time GMT +9:30 )

Blacklist Number Prefered : 99

If you Have anything more to discuss and you want to know straight away please add me on Msn or Email me. if you dont mind when i answer it please Email me or Private Message me.

Please post Your Comments And Ideas. Any Criticism Please Post but Dont be to Blatant or Straight out with it and Swear words will Get your Removed from the Blacklist and Your post will most likely get edited with mod warnings due to your post being reported.
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Old 04-20-2008
TB InuYasha X
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I'm signing up.

Who else is going to participate?
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